RectilinearGrid.extract_points(ind, adjacent_cells=True, include_cells=True, progress_bar=False)#

Return a subset of the grid (with cells) that contains any of the given point indices.

indnp.ndarray, list, or sequence

Numpy array of point indices to be extracted.

adjacent_cellsbool, optional

If True, extract the cells that contain at least one of the extracted points. If False, extract the cells that contain exclusively points from the extracted points list. The default is True.

include_cellsbool, optional

Specifies if the cells shall be returned or not. The default is True.

progress_barbool, optional

Display a progress bar to indicate progress.


Subselected grid.


Extract all the points of a sphere with a Z coordinate greater than 0

>>> import pyvista
>>> sphere = pyvista.Sphere()
>>> extracted = sphere.extract_points(sphere.points[:, 2] > 0)
>>> extracted.clear_data()  # clear for plotting
>>> extracted.plot()