UniformGrid.extract_all_edges(use_all_points=False, progress_bar=False)#

Extract all the internal/external edges of the dataset as PolyData.

This produces a full wireframe representation of the input dataset.

use_all_pointsbool, default: False

Indicates whether all of the points of the input mesh should exist in the output. When True enables point renumbering. If set to True, then a threaded approach is used which avoids the use of a point locator and is quicker.

By default this is set to False, and unused points are omitted from the output.

This parameter can only be set to True with vtk==9.1.0 or newer.

progress_barbool, optional

Display a progress bar to indicate progress.


Edges extracted from the dataset.


Extract the edges of a sample unstructured grid and plot the edges. Note how it plots interior edges.

>>> import pyvista
>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> hex_beam = pyvista.read(examples.hexbeamfile)
>>> edges = hex_beam.extract_all_edges()
>>> edges.plot(line_width=5, color='k')

See Extract Cell Centers for more examples using this filter.