Plot Open Street Map Data#

This was originally posted to pyvista/pyvista-support#486.

Be sure to check out osmnx

Start by generating a graph from an address.

import numpy as np
import osmnx as ox

import pyvista as pv

# Alternatively, use the pickeled graph included in our examples.
from pyvista import examples

Read in the graph directly from the Open Street Map server.

# address = 'Holzgerlingen DE'
# graph = ox.graph_from_address(address, dist=500, network_type='drive')
# pickle.dump(graph, open('/tmp/tmp.p', 'wb'))

graph = examples.download_osmnx_graph()
/home/runner/work/pyvista/pyvista/pyvista/examples/ UserWarning: Unpickling a shapely <2.0 geometry object. Please save the pickle again; shapely 2.1 will not have this compatibility.
  return pickle.load(open(filename, 'rb'))

Next, convert the edges into pyvista lines using pyvista.lines_from_points().

nodes, edges = ox.graph_to_gdfs(graph)
lines = []

# convert each edge into a line
for _, row in edges.iterrows():
    x_pts = row['geometry'].xy[0]
    y_pts = row['geometry'].xy[1]
    z_pts = np.zeros(len(x_pts))
    pts = np.column_stack((x_pts, y_pts, z_pts))
    line = pv.lines_from_points(pts)

Finally, merge the lines and plot

combined_lines = lines[0].merge(lines[1:])
combined_lines.plot(line_width=3, cpos='xy')
osmnx example

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