class CompositeFilters(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

An internal class to manage filters/algorithms for composite datasets.


CompositeFilters.cell_centers([vertex, ...])

Generate points at the center of the cells in this dataset.


Transform cell data into point data.

CompositeFilters.clip([normal, origin, ...])

Clip a dataset by a plane by specifying the origin and normal.

CompositeFilters.clip_box([bounds, invert, ...])

Clip a dataset by a bounding box defined by the bounds.

CompositeFilters.combine([merge_points, ...])

Combine all blocks into a single unstructured grid.


Compute sizes for 0D (vertex count), 1D (length), 2D (area) and 3D (volume) cells.

CompositeFilters.elevation([low_point, ...])

Generate scalar values on a dataset.


Extract all the internal/external edges of the dataset as PolyData.


Extract the surface the geometry of all blocks.

CompositeFilters.outline([generate_faces, ...])

Produce an outline of the full extent for the all blocks in this composite dataset.

CompositeFilters.outline_corners([factor, ...])

Produce an outline of the corners for the all blocks in this composite dataset.


Transform point data into cell data.

CompositeFilters.sample(target[, tolerance, ...])

Resample array data from a passed mesh onto this mesh.

CompositeFilters.slice([normal, origin, ...])

Slice a dataset by a plane at the specified origin and normal vector orientation.

CompositeFilters.slice_along_axis([n, axis, ...])

Create many slices of the input dataset along a specified axis.

CompositeFilters.slice_along_line(line[, ...])

Slice a dataset using a polyline/spline as the path.

CompositeFilters.slice_orthogonal([x, y, z, ...])

Create three orthogonal slices through the dataset on the three cartesian planes.

CompositeFilters.triangulate([inplace, ...])

Return an all triangle mesh.