Read Image Files#

Read and plot image files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc).

from __future__ import annotations

from pyvista import examples

PyVista fully supports reading images into their own spatially referenced data objects (this example) as well as supports texture mapping of images onto datasets (see Applying Textures).

Download a JPEG image of a puppy and load it to pyvista.ImageData. This could similarly be implemented with any image file by using the function and passing the path to the image file.

image = examples.download_puppy()
# or...
# image ='my_image.jpg')

When plotting images stored in pyvista.ImageData objects, it is important to specify using the rgb option when plotting to ensure that the image’s true colors are used and not mapped.

# True image colors
image.plot(rgb=True, cpos="xy")
read image
# Mapped image colors
read image

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