Computing Mesh Quality#

Leverage powerful VTK algorithms for computing mesh quality.

Here we will use the pyvista.DataSetFilters.compute_cell_quality() filter to compute the cell qualities. For a full list of the various quality metrics available, please refer to the documentation for that filter.

from __future__ import annotations

from pyvista import examples

mesh = examples.download_cow().triangulate().decimate(0.7)

cpos = [
    (10.10963531890468, 4.61130688407898, -4.503884867626516),
    (1.2896420468715433, -0.055387528972708225, 1.1228250502811408),
    (-0.2970769821136617, 0.9100381451936025, 0.2890948650371137),

Compute the cell quality. Note that there are many different quality measures

qual = mesh.compute_cell_quality(quality_measure='scaled_jacobian')
HeaderData Arrays
N Cells1740
N Points871
N Strips0
X Bounds-4.389e+00, 6.005e+00
Y Bounds-3.648e+00, 2.761e+00
Z Bounds-1.701e+00, 1.701e+00
N Arrays1
NameFieldTypeN CompMinMax

qual.plot(cpos=cpos, scalars='CellQuality')
mesh quality

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