Plot Vector Component#

Plot a single component of a vector as a scalar array.

We can plot individual components of multi-component arrays with the component argument of the add_mesh method.

from __future__ import annotations

import pyvista as pv
from pyvista import examples

Download an example notched beam stress

mesh = examples.download_notch_displacement()

The default behavior with no component specified is to use the vector magnitude. We can access each component by specifying the component argument.

dargs = dict(
    scalars="Nodal Displacement",

pl = pv.Plotter(shape=(2, 2))
pl.subplot(0, 0)
pl.add_mesh(mesh, **dargs)
pl.add_text("Normalized Displacement", color='k')
pl.subplot(0, 1)
pl.add_mesh(mesh.copy(), component=0, **dargs)
pl.add_text("X Displacement", color='k')
pl.subplot(1, 0)
pl.add_mesh(mesh.copy(), component=1, **dargs)
pl.add_text("Y Displacement", color='k')
pl.subplot(1, 1)
pl.add_mesh(mesh.copy(), component=2, **dargs)
pl.add_text("Z Displacement", color='k')
pl.camera_position = 'iso'
pl.background_color = 'white'
vector component

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