property PolyData.is_all_triangles#

Return if all the faces of the pyvista.PolyData are triangles.

Changed in version 0.32.0: is_all_triangles is now a property. Calling this value will warn the user that this should not be called. Additionally, the is operator will not work the return value of this property since it is not a bool


True if all the faces of the pyvista.PolyData are triangles and does not contain any vertices or lines.


The return value is not a bool for compatibility reasons, though this behavior will change in a future release. Future versions will simply return a bool.


Show a mesh from pyvista.Plane() is not composed of all triangles.

>>> import pyvista
>>> plane = pyvista.Plane()
>>> plane.is_all_triangles
False <CallableBool>

Show that the mesh from pyvista.Sphere() contains only triangles.

>>> sphere = pyvista.Sphere()
>>> sphere.is_all_triangles
True <CallableBool>