Download the Mount Damavand dataset.

Visualize 3D models of Damavand Volcano, Alborz, Iran. This is a 2D map with the altitude embedded as 'z' cell data within the pyvista.PolyData.

Originally posted at banesullivan/damavand-volcano.

loadbool, default: True

Load the dataset after downloading it when True. Set this to False and only the filename will be returned.

pyvista.PolyData | str

DataSet or filename depending on load.


Download the Damavand dataset and plot it after warping it by its altitude.

>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> dataset = examples.download_mount_damavand()
>>> dataset = dataset.cell_data_to_point_data()
>>> dataset = dataset.warp_by_scalar('z', factor=2)
>>> dataset.plot(cmap='gist_earth', show_scalar_bar=False)

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