Plotter.add_mesh_slice(mesh, normal='x', generate_triangles=False, widget_color=None, assign_to_axis=None, tubing=False, origin_translation=True, outline_translation=False, implicit=True, normal_rotation=True, interaction_event=45, origin=None, **kwargs)#

Slice a mesh using a plane widget.

Add a mesh to the scene with a plane widget that is used to slice the mesh interactively.

The sliced mesh is saved to the .plane_sliced_meshes attribute on the plotter.


The input dataset to add to the scene and slice.

normalstr or tuple(float), optional

The starting normal vector of the plane.

generate_trianglesbool, optional

If this is enabled (False by default), the output will be triangles otherwise, the output will be the intersection polygons.

widget_colorcolor_like, optional

Either a string, RGB sequence, or hex color string. Defaults to 'white'.

assign_to_axisstr or int, optional

Assign the normal of the plane to be parallel with a given axis: options are (0, ‘x’), (1, ‘y’), or (2, ‘z’).

tubingbool, optional

When using an implicit plane wiget, this controls whether or not tubing is shown around the plane’s boundaries.

origin_translationbool, optional

If False, the plane widget cannot be translated by its origin and is strictly placed at the given origin. Only valid when using an implicit plane.

outline_translationbool, optional

If False, the box widget cannot be translated and is strictly placed at the given bounds.

implicitbool, optional

When True, a vtkImplicitPlaneWidget is used and when False, a vtkPlaneWidget is used.

normal_rotationbool, optional

Set the opacity of the normal vector arrow to 0 such that it is effectively disabled. This prevents the user from rotating the normal. This is forced to False when assign_to_axis is set.

interaction_eventvtk.vtkCommand.EventIds, optional

The VTK interaction event to use for triggering the callback.

origintuple(float), optional

The starting coordinate of the center of the plane.

**kwargsdict, optional

All additional keyword arguments are passed to BasePlotter.add_mesh() to control how the mesh is displayed.


VTK actor of the mesh.