Plotter.add_silhouette(mesh, color=None, line_width=None, opacity=None, feature_angle=None, decimate=None, params=None)[source]#

Add a silhouette of a PyVista or VTK dataset to the scene.

A silhouette can also be generated directly in add_mesh. See also Silhouette Highlight.

meshpyvista.DataSet or vtk.vtkAlgorithm

Mesh or mesh-producing algorithm for generating silhouette to plot.

colorColorLike, optional

Color of the silhouette lines.

line_widthfloat, optional

Silhouette line width.

opacityfloat, optional

Line transparency between 0 and 1.

feature_anglefloat, optional

If set, display sharp edges exceeding that angle in degrees.

decimatefloat, optional

Level of decimation between 0 and 1. Decimating will improve rendering performance. A good rule of thumb is to try 0.9 first and decrease until the desired rendering performance is achieved.

paramsdict, optional

Optional silhouette parameters.

Deprecated since version 0.38.0: This keyword argument is no longer used. Instead, input the parameters to this function directly.


Actor of the silhouette.


>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> bunny = examples.download_bunny()
>>> plotter = pv.Plotter()
>>> _ = plotter.add_mesh(bunny, color='tan')
>>> _ = plotter.add_silhouette(bunny, color='red', line_width=8.0)
>>> plotter.view_xy()