property Property.culling: str[source]#

Return or set face culling.

Does not render faces that are culled. This can be helpful for dense surface meshes, especially when edges are visible, but can cause flat meshes to be partially displayed. Defaults to 'none'. One of the following:

  • "back" - Enable backface culling

  • "front" - Enable frontface culling

  • 'none' - Disable both backface and frontface culling


Enable back face culling

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> prop = pv.Property()
>>> prop.culling = 'back'
>>> prop.culling

Plot default culling.

>>> prop.culling = 'none'
>>> prop.plot()

Plot backface culling. This looks the same as the default culling 'none' because the forward facing faces are already obscuring the back faces.

>>> prop.culling = 'back'
>>> prop.plot()

Plot frontface culling. Here, the forward facing faces are hidden entirely.

>>> prop.culling = 'front'
>>> prop.plot()