property AxesAssemblySymmetric.y_label: tuple[str, str][source]#

Return or set the labels for the positive and negative y-axis.

The labels may be set with a single string or two strings. If a single string, plus '+' and minus '-' characters are added. Alternatively, set the labels with labels.


Set the labels with a single string. Plus '+' and minus '-' characters are added automatically.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> axes_assembly = pv.AxesAssemblySymmetric()
>>> axes_assembly.y_label = 'Axis'
>>> axes_assembly.y_label
('+Axis', '-Axis')

Set the labels explicitly with two strings.

>>> axes_assembly.y_label = 'left', 'right'
>>> axes_assembly.y_label
('left', 'right')