property Property.edge_opacity: float[source]#

Return or set the edge opacity of this property.

Edge opacity of the mesh. A single float value that will be applied globally edge opacity of the mesh and uniformly applied everywhere. Between 0 and 1.


edge_opacity uses SetEdgeOpacity as the underlying method which requires VTK version 9.3 or higher. If SetEdgeOpacity is not available, edge_opacity is set to 1.


Get the default edge opacity and visualize it.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> prop = pv.Property()
>>> prop.edge_opacity
>>> prop.show_edges = True
>>> prop.plot()

Visualize an edge opacity of 0.75.

>>> prop.edge_opacity = 0.75
>>> prop.plot()

Visualize wn edge opacity of 0.25.

>>> prop.edge_opacity = 0.25
>>> prop.plot()