• Intuitive plotting routines with matplotlib like syntax (see Plotting).

  • Plotting tools built for interactivity (see Widgets).

Plotting API Reference#

Plotting module API reference. These plotting modules are the basis for all plotting functionality in PyVista.

Actor([mapper, prop, name])

Wrap vtkActor.

Axes([show_actor, actor_scale, line_width, ...])

PyVista wrapper for the VTK Axes class.


Axes actor wrapper for vtkAxesActor.

AxesAssembly(*[, x_label, y_label, z_label, ...])

Assembly of arrow-style axes parts.

AxesAssemblySymmetric(*[, x_label, y_label, ...])

Symmetric assembly of arrow-style axes parts.

CameraPosition(position, focal_point, viewup)

Container to hold camera location attributes.

CornerAnnotation(position, text[, prop, ...])

Text annotation in four corners.

CubeAxesActor(camera[, minor_ticks, ...])

Wrap vtkCubeAxesActor.

DataSetMapper(*args, **kwargs)

Wrap _vtk.vtkDataSetMapper.

Label([text, position, size, prop])

2D label actor with a 3D position coordinate.

LookupTable([cmap, n_values, flip, values, ...])

Scalar to RGBA mapping table.

Plotter(*args, **kwargs)

Plotting object to display vtk meshes or numpy arrays.


Prop3D wrapper for vtkProp3D.

Property([theme, interpolation, color, ...])

Wrap vtkProperty and expose it pythonically.

Renderer(parent[, border, border_color, ...])

Renderer class.

RenderWindowInteractor(plotter[, ...])

Wrap vtk.vtkRenderWindowInteractor.

Text([text, position, prop])

Define text by default theme.

TextProperty([theme, color, font_family, ...])

Define text's property.

Timer(max_steps, callback)

Timer class.

plotting.mapper._BaseMapper(*args, **kwargs)

Base Mapper with methods common to other mappers.

plotting.opts.InterpolationType(value[, ...])

Lighting interpolation types.

plotting.opts.RepresentationType(value[, ...])

Types of representations the models can have.

plotting.opts.ElementType(value[, names, ...])

Types of elemental geometries.


Wrapper class for VTK volume.


Wrap the VTK class vtkVolumeProperty.

Composite Plotting Reference#

These classes are used when plotting pyvista.MultiBlock datasets.

CompositePolyDataMapper(*args, **kwargs)

Composite PolyData mapper.

CompositeAttributes(mapper, dataset)

Block attributes.

BlockAttributes(block, attr)

Block attributes used to set the attributes of a block.

Charts API#

Charts API reference. These dedicated classes can be used to embed charts in plotting windows. Note that full charts functionality requires a VTK version of at least 9.3. Most components work fine in older versions though.

Widget API#

The pyvista.Plotter class inherits all of the widget methods described by the pyvista.plotting.widgets.WidgetHelper class. For additional details, see the Widgets examples.

plotting.widgets.WidgetHelper(*args, **kwargs)

An internal class to manage widgets.

plotting.widgets.AffineWidget3D(plotter, actor)

3D affine transform widget.

Picking API#

The pyvista.Plotter class inherits all of the picking methods described by the pyvista.plotting.picking.PickingHelper class.

plotting.picking.PickingHelper(*args, **kwargs)

Internal container class to contain picking helper methods.

Convenience Functions#

These functions provide a simplified interface to the various plotting routines in PyVista.