• Intuitive plotting routines with matplotlib like syntax (see Plotting).

  • Plotting tools built for interactivity (see Widgets).

Plotting API Reference#

Plotting module API reference. These plotting modules are the basis for all plotting functionality in PyVista.

Plotter(*args, **kwargs)

Plotting object to display vtk meshes or numpy arrays.

Renderer(parent[, border, border_color, ...])

Renderer class.

Charts API#

Charts API reference. These dedicated classes can be used to embed charts in plotting windows. Note that using charts requires a VTK version of at least 9.0 and in a future release will require vtk>=9.2.

Widget API#

The pyvista.Plotter class inherits all of the widget methods in pyvista.WidgetHelper, so all of the following methods are available from any PyVista plotter.


An internal class to manage widgets.

Convenience Functions#

These functions provide a simplified interface to the various plotting routines in PyVista.