property AxesGeometrySource.tip_type: str[source]#

Tip type for all axes.

Must be a string, e.g. 'cone' or 'sphere' or any other supported geometry. Alternatively, any arbitrary 3-dimensional pyvista.DataSet may also be specified. In this case, the dataset must be oriented such that it “points” in the positive z direction.


Show a list of all shaft type options.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> pv.AxesGeometrySource.GEOMETRY_TYPES
('cylinder', 'sphere', 'hemisphere', 'cone', 'pyramid', 'cube', 'octahedron')

Show the default tip type and modify it.

>>> axes_geometry_source = pv.AxesGeometrySource()
>>> axes_geometry_source.tip_type
>>> axes_geometry_source.tip_type = 'sphere'
>>> axes_geometry_source.tip_type

Set the tip type to any 3-dimensional dataset.

>>> axes_geometry_source.tip_type = pv.Text3D('O')
>>> axes_geometry_source.tip_type
>>> axes_geometry_source.output.plot(cpos='xy')