Surface Reconstruction#

Surface reconstruction has a dedicated filter in PyVista and is handled by pyvista.PolyDataFilters.reconstruct_surface(). This tends to perform much better than pyvista.DataSetFilters.delaunay_3d().

from __future__ import annotations

import pyvista as pv

Create a point cloud from a sphere and then reconstruct a surface from it.

points = pv.wrap(pv.Sphere().points)
surf = points.reconstruct_surface()
N Cells832
N Points418
N Strips0
X Bounds-4.989e-01, 4.995e-01
Y Bounds-4.986e-01, 4.986e-01
Z Bounds-4.985e-01, 4.985e-01
N Arrays0

Plot the point cloud and the reconstructed sphere.

pl = pv.Plotter(shape=(1, 2))
pl.add_title('Point Cloud of 3D Surface')
pl.subplot(0, 1)
pl.add_mesh(surf, color=True, show_edges=True)
pl.add_title('Reconstructed Surface')
surface reconstruction

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