Clearing a Mesh or the Entire PlotΒΆ

This example demonstrates how to remove elements from a scene.

# sphinx_gallery_thumbnail_number = 3
import pyvista as pv
plotter = pv.Plotter()
actor = plotter.add_mesh(pv.Sphere())

Clearing the entire plotting window:

plotter = pv.Plotter()
plotter.clear()  # clears all actors

Or you can give any actor a name when adding it and if an actor is added with that same name at a later time, it will replace the previous actor:

plotter = pv.Plotter()
plotter.add_mesh(pv.Sphere(), name="mydata")
plotter.add_mesh(pv.Plane(), name="mydata")
# Only the Plane is shown!

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