Download a particles from a simulated dark matter halo.

This dataset contains 2,062,256 particles.

loadbool, default: True

Load the dataset after downloading it when True. Set this to False and only the filename will be returned.

pyvista.PointSet | str

DataSet or filename depending on load.


Download the dark matter cloud and display its representation.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> pc = examples.download_cloud_dark_matter_dense()
>>> pc
PointSet (...)
  N Cells:    0
  N Points:   2062256
  X Bounds:   7.462e+01, 7.863e+01
  Y Bounds:   1.604e+01, 2.244e+01
  Z Bounds:   8.893e+01, 9.337e+01
  N Arrays:   0

Plot the point cloud. Color based on the distance from the center of the cloud.

>>> pc.plot(
...     scalars=np.linalg.norm(pc.points -, axis=1),
...     style='points_gaussian',
...     opacity=0.030,
...     point_size=2.0,
...     show_scalar_bar=False,
...     zoom=2,
... )

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