Plotter.add_text(text, position='upper_left', font_size=18, color=None, font=None, shadow=False, name=None, viewport=False, orientation=0.0, *, render=True)#

Add text to plot object in the top left corner by default.


The text to add the rendering.

positionstr, tuple(float), optional

Position to place the bottom left corner of the text box. If tuple is used, the position of the text uses the pixel coordinate system (default). In this case, it returns a more general vtkOpenGLTextActor. If string name is used, it returns a vtkCornerAnnotation object normally used for fixed labels (like title or xlabel). Default is to find the top left corner of the rendering window and place text box up there. Available position: 'lower_left', 'lower_right', 'upper_left', 'upper_right', 'lower_edge', 'upper_edge', 'right_edge', and 'left_edge'.

font_sizefloat, optional

Sets the size of the title font. Defaults to 18.

colorcolor_like, optional

Either a string, RGB list, or hex color string. For example:

  • color='white'

  • color='w'

  • color=[1.0, 1.0, 1.0]

  • color='#FFFFFF'

Defaults to pyvista.global_theme.font.color.

fontstr, optional

Font name may be 'courier', 'times', or 'arial'.

shadowbool, optional

Adds a black shadow to the text. Defaults to False.

namestr, optional

The name for the added actor so that it can be easily updated. If an actor of this name already exists in the rendering window, it will be replaced by the new actor.

viewportbool, optional

If True and position is a tuple of float, uses the normalized viewport coordinate system (values between 0.0 and 1.0 and support for HiDPI).

orientationfloat, optional

Angle orientation of text counterclockwise in degrees. The text is rotated around an anchor point that may be on the edge or corner of the text. The default is 0 degrees, which is horizontal.

renderbool, optional

Force a render when True (default).


Text actor added to plot.


>>> import pyvista
>>> pl = pyvista.Plotter()
>>> actor = pl.add_text('Sample Text', position='upper_right', color='blue',
...                     shadow=True, font_size=26)