Plotter.enable_horizon_picking(callback=None, normal=(0, 0, 1), width=None, show_message=True, font_size=18, color='pink', point_size=10, line_width=5, show_path=True, opacity=0.75, show_horizon=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Enable horizon picking.

Helper for the enable_path_picking method to also show a ribbon surface along the picked path. Ribbon is saved under .picked_horizon.

callbackcallable(), optional

When given, calls this callable after a pick is made. The entire picked path is passed as the only parameter to this callable.

normaltuple(float), optional

The normal to the horizon surface’s projection plane.

widthfloat, optional

The width of the horizon surface. Default behaviour will dynamically change the surface width depending on its length.

show_messagebool or str, optional

Show the message about how to use the horizon picking tool. If this is a string, that will be the message shown.

font_sizeint, optional

Sets the font size of the message.

colorColorLike, optional

The color of the horizon surface if shown.

point_sizeint, optional

Size of picked points if show_horizon is True. Default 10.

line_widthfloat, optional

Thickness of path representation if show_horizon is True. Default 5.

show_pathbool, optional

Show the picked path that the horizon is built from interactively.

opacityfloat, optional

The opacity of the horizon surface if shown.

show_horizonbool, optional

Show the picked horizon surface interactively.

**kwargsdict, optional

All remaining keyword arguments are used to control how the picked path is interactively displayed.