property DataSet.active_scalars_info: ActiveArrayInfo[source]#

Return the active scalar’s association and name.

Association refers to the data association (e.g. point, cell, or field) of the active scalars.


The scalars info in an object with namedtuple semantics, with attributes association and name.


If both cell and point scalars are present and neither have been set active within at the dataset level, point scalars will be made active.


Create a mesh, add scalars to the mesh, and return the active scalars info. Note how when the scalars are added, they automatically become the active scalars.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> mesh = pv.Sphere()
>>> mesh['Z Height'] = mesh.points[:, 2]
>>> mesh.active_scalars_info
ActiveArrayInfoTuple(association=<FieldAssociation.POINT: 0>, name='Z Height')