Download PVD file for double sphere.

loadbool, default: True

Load the dataset after downloading it when True. Set this to False and only the filename will be returned.

pyvista.MultiBlock | str

DataSet or filename depending on load.


>>> import os
>>> from tempfile import mkdtemp
>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> filename = examples.download_dual_sphere_animation(load=False)
>>> reader = pv.PVDReader(filename)

Write the gif to a temporary directory. Normally you would write to a local path.

>>> gif_filename = os.path.join(mkdtemp(), 'dual_sphere.gif')

Generate the animation.

>>> plotter = pv.Plotter()
>>> plotter.open_gif(gif_filename)
>>> for time_value in reader.time_values:
...     reader.set_active_time_value(time_value)
...     mesh =
...     _ = plotter.add_mesh(mesh, smooth_shading=True)
...     _ = plotter.add_text(f"Time: {time_value:.0f}", color="black")
...     plotter.write_frame()
...     plotter.clear()
...     plotter.enable_lightkit()
>>> plotter.close()

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