Download the pump bracket example dataset.

Data generated from public SimScale examples at SimScale Project Library - Turbo.

Licensing for this dataset is granted freely and without restriction to reproduce, distribute, and publish according to the SimScale Terms and Conditions.

loadbool, default: True

Load the dataset after downloading it when True. Set this to False and only the filename will be returned.

UnstructuredGrid | str

DataSet or filename depending on load.


Load the dataset.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> dataset = examples.download_pump_bracket()
>>> dataset
UnstructuredGrid (...)
  N Cells:    124806
  N Points:   250487
  X Bounds:   -5.000e-01, 5.000e-01
  Y Bounds:   -4.000e-01, 0.000e+00
  Z Bounds:   -2.500e-02, 2.500e-02
  N Arrays:   10

Plot the displacement of the 4th mode shape as scalars.

>>> cpos = [
...     (0.744, -0.502, -0.830),
...     (0.0520, -0.160, 0.0743),
...     (-0.180, -0.958, 0.224),
... ]
>>> dataset.plot(
...     scalars='disp_3',
...     cpos=cpos,
...     show_scalar_bar=False,
...     ambient=0.2,
...     anti_aliasing='fxaa',
... )

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