Downloadable datasets of 3D Celestial Bodies.


download_jupiter_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of the planet Jupiter.

download_mars_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of the planet Mars.

download_mercury_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of planet Mercury.

download_milkyway_sky_background([texture, load])

Download the sky texture of the Milky Way galaxy.

download_moon_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of the Earth's Moon.

download_neptune_surface([texture, load])

Download the texture of the surface of planet Neptune.

download_pluto_surface([texture, load])

Download the texture of the surface of the dwarf planet Pluto.

download_saturn_rings([texture, load])

Download the texture of Saturn's rings.

download_saturn_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of the planet Saturn.

download_stars_sky_background([texture, load])

Download the night sky stars texture.

download_sun_surface([texture, load])

Download the surface of the Sun.

download_uranus_surface([texture, load])

Download and the texture of the surface of planet Uranus.

download_venus_surface([atmosphere, ...])

Download the surface or atmosphere of Planet Venus.

load_earth([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Earth as a textured sphere.

load_jupiter([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Jupiter as a textured sphere.

load_mars([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Mars as a textured Sphere.

load_mercury([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Mercury as a textured sphere.

load_moon([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the Moon as a textured sphere.

load_neptune([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Neptune as a textured sphere.

load_pluto([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the dwarf planet Pluto as a textured sphere.

load_saturn([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Saturn as a textured sphere.

load_saturn_rings([inner, outer, c_res])

Load the planet Saturn's rings.

load_sun([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the Sun as a textured sphere.

load_uranus([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Uranus as a textured sphere.

load_venus([radius, lat_resolution, ...])

Load the planet Venus as a textured sphere.