property Actor.backface_prop: Property | None[source]#

Return or set the backface property.

By default this property matches the frontface property Actor.prop. Once accessed or modified, this backface property becomes independent of the frontface property. In order to restore the fallback to frontface property, assign None to the property.


The object describing backfaces.


Clip a sphere by a plane and color the inside of the clipped sphere light blue using the backface_prop.

>>> import numpy as np
>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> plane = pv.Plane(i_size=1.5, j_size=1.5)
>>> mesh = pv.Sphere().clip_surface(plane, invert=False)
>>> pl = pv.Plotter()
>>> actor = pl.add_mesh(mesh, smooth_shading=True)
>>> actor.backface_prop.color = 'lightblue'
>>> _ = pl.add_mesh(
...     plane,
...     opacity=0.25,
...     show_edges=True,
...     color='grey',
...     lighting=False,
... )