Plotter.add_point_scalar_labels(points, labels, fmt=None, preamble='', **kwargs)[source]#

Label the points from a dataset with the values of their scalars.

Wrapper for pyvista.Plotter.add_point_labels().

pointssequence[float] | np.ndarray | pyvista.DataSet

An n x 3 numpy.ndarray or pyvista dataset with points.

labelslist | str

List of scalars of labels. Must be the same length as points. If a string name is given with a pyvista.DataSet input for points, then these are fetched.

fmtstr, optional

String formatter used to format numerical data.

preamblestr, default: “”

Text before the start of each label.

**kwargsdict, optional

Keyword arguments passed to pyvista.Plotter.add_point_labels().


VTK label actor. Can be used to change properties of the labels.