Set the interactive style to Trackball Camera.

The trackball camera is the default interactor style. Moving the mouse moves the camera around, leaving the scene intact.

For a 3-button mouse, the left button is for rotation, the right button for zooming, the middle button for panning, and ctrl + left button for spinning the view around the viewing axis of the camera. Alternatively, ctrl + shift + left button or mouse wheel zooms, and shift + left button pans.

See also


A style that can be customized for mouse actions.


Create a simple scene with a plotter that has the Trackball Camera interactive style (which is also the default):

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> plotter = pv.Plotter()
>>> _ = plotter.add_mesh(pv.Cube(center=(1, 0, 0)))
>>> _ = plotter.add_mesh(pv.Cube(center=(0, 1, 0)))
>>> plotter.show_axes()
>>> plotter.enable_trackball_style()