CircularArcFromNormal(center, resolution=100, normal=None, polar=None, angle=None)[source]#

Create a circular arc defined by normal to the plane of the arc, and an angle.

The number of segments composing the polyline is controlled by setting the object resolution.


Center of the circle that defines the arc.

resolutionint, default: 100

The number of segments of the polyline that draws the arc. Resolution of 1 will just create a line.

normalsequence[float], optional

The normal vector to the plane of the arc. By default it points in the positive Z direction.

polarsequence[float], optional

Starting point of the arc in polar coordinates. By default it is the unit vector in the positive x direction.

anglefloat, optional

Arc length (in degrees) beginning at the polar vector. The direction is counterclockwise. By default it is 90.


Circular arc mesh.


Quarter arc centered at the origin in the xy plane.

>>> import pyvista as pv
>>> normal = [0, 0, 1]
>>> polar = [-1, 0, 0]
>>> arc = pv.CircularArcFromNormal(
...     [0, 0, 0], normal=normal, polar=polar
... )
>>> pl = pv.Plotter()
>>> _ = pl.add_mesh(arc, color='k', line_width=10)
>>> _ = pl.show_bounds(location='all', font_size=30, use_2d=True)
>>> _ = pl.view_xy()