PyVista contains a variety of built-in demos and downloadable example datasets. For example:

Plot the built-in globe dataset

>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> globe = examples.load_globe()
>>> globe.plot()

Many datasets are too large to be included with PyVista, but can be downloaded and cached locally. These datasets can be downloaded and used with:

Plot the turbine blade mesh.

>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> blade_mesh = examples.download_turbine_blade()
>>> blade_mesh.plot()

Finally, PyVista contains some demos which can be used to quickly demonstrate features.

Create and show the orientation cube plotter

>>> from pyvista import demos
>>> plotter = demos.orientation_plotter()
>>> plotter.show()


Built-in examples that ship with PyVista and do not need to be downloaded.


Downloadable datasets collected from various sources.


Demos to show off the functionality of PyVista.