Download the finite element solution of an aero bracket.

Data generated from public SimScale examples at SimScale Project Library - Turbo.

Licensing for this dataset is granted to freely and without restriction reproduce, distribute, publish according to the SimScale Terms and Conditions.

This project demonstrates the static stress analysis of three aircraft engine bearing bracket models considering both linear and nonlinear material definition. The models are tested with horizontal and vertical loading conditions as provided on the GrabCAD - Airplane Bearing Bracket Challenge.

loadbool, default: True

Load the dataset after downloading it when True. Set this to False and only the filename will be returned.

pyvista.UnstructuredGrid | str

DataSet or filename depending on load.


Download the aero bracket.

>>> from pyvista import examples
>>> dataset = examples.download_aero_bracket()
>>> dataset
UnstructuredGrid (...)
  N Cells:    117292
  N Points:   187037
  X Bounds:   -6.858e-03, 1.118e-01
  Y Bounds:   -1.237e-02, 6.634e-02
  Z Bounds:   -1.638e-02, 1.638e-02
  N Arrays:   3

Show the available point data arrays.

>>> dataset.point_data
pyvista DataSetAttributes
Association     : POINT
Active Scalars  : None
Active Vectors  : None
Active Texture  : None
Active Normals  : None
Contains arrays :
    displacement            float32    (187037, 3)
    total nonlinear strain  float32    (187037, 6)
    von Mises stress        float32    (187037,)

Plot the von Mises stress.

>>> cpos = [
...     (-0.0503, 0.132, -0.179),
...     (0.0505, 0.0185, -0.00201),
...     (0.275, 0.872, 0.405),
... ]
>>> dataset.plot(
...     smooth_shading=True,
...     split_sharp_edges=True,
...     scalars='von Mises stress',
...     cmap='bwr',
...     cpos=cpos,
...     anti_aliasing='fxaa',
... )