Geometric Objects#

PyVista includes several functions to generate simple geometric objects. The API reference for these functions is on this page. For additional details see Geometric Objects example.

Arrow([start, direction, tip_length, ...])

Create an arrow.

Box([bounds, level, quads])

Create a box with solid faces for the given bounds.

Circle([radius, resolution])

Create a single PolyData circle defined by radius in the XY plane.

CircularArc(pointa, pointb, center[, ...])

Create a circular arc defined by two endpoints and a center.

CircularArcFromNormal(center[, resolution, ...])

Create a circular arc defined by normal to the plane of the arc, and an angle.

Cone([center, direction, height, radius, ...])

Create a cone.

Cube([center, x_length, y_length, z_length, ...])

Create a cube.

Cylinder([center, direction, radius, ...])

Create the surface of a cylinder.

CylinderStructured([radius, height, center, ...])

Create a cylinder mesh as a pyvista.StructuredGrid.

Disc([center, inner, outer, normal, r_res, ...])

Create a polygonal disk with a hole in the center.

Dodecahedron([radius, center])

Create a dodecahedron of a given size.

Icosahedron([radius, center])

Create an icosahedron of a given size.

Line([pointa, pointb, resolution])

Create a line.


Create multiple lines.

Tube([pointa, pointb, resolution, radius, ...])

Create a tube.

Octahedron([radius, center])

Create an octahedron of a given size.

Plane([center, direction, i_size, j_size, ...])

Create a plane.

PlatonicSolid([kind, radius, center])

Create a Platonic solid of a given size.

Polygon([center, radius, normal, n_sides, fill])

Create a polygon.


Create a pyramid defined by 5 points.


Create a rectangle defined by 4 points.

Sphere([radius, center, direction, ...])

Create a vtk Sphere.

Spline(points[, n_points])

Create a spline from points.

Superquadric([center, scale, size, ...])

Create a superquadric.

Tetrahedron([radius, center])

Create a tetrahedron of a given size.

Text3D(string[, depth])

Create 3D text from a string.


Create a triangle defined by 3 points.

Wavelet([extent, center, maximum, x_freq, ...])

Create a wavelet.