class DataSetFilters(*args, **kwargs)[source]#

A set of common filters that can be applied to any vtkDataSet.


DataSetFilters.align(target[, ...])

Align a dataset to another.

DataSetFilters.cell_centers([vertex, ...])

Generate points at the center of the cells in this dataset.


Transform cell data into point data.

DataSetFilters.clip([normal, origin, ...])

Clip a dataset by a plane by specifying the origin and normal.

DataSetFilters.clip_box([bounds, invert, ...])

Clip a dataset by a bounding box defined by the bounds.

DataSetFilters.clip_scalar([scalars, ...])

Clip a dataset by a scalar.

DataSetFilters.clip_surface(surface[, ...])

Clip any mesh type using a pyvista.PolyData surface mesh.


Compute metrics on the boundary faces of a mesh.


Compute a function of (geometric) quality for each cell of a mesh.

DataSetFilters.compute_cell_sizes([length, ...])

Compute sizes for 0D (vertex count), 1D (length), 2D (area) and 3D (volume) cells.

DataSetFilters.compute_derivative([scalars, ...])

Compute derivative-based quantities of point/cell scalar field.


Compute the implicit distance from the points to a surface.


Find and label connected regions.

DataSetFilters.contour([isosurfaces, ...])

Contour an input self by an array.

DataSetFilters.ctp([pass_cell_data, ...])

Transform cell data into point data.


Return a decimated version of a triangulation of the boundary.

DataSetFilters.delaunay_3d([alpha, tol, ...])

Construct a 3D Delaunay triangulation of the mesh.

DataSetFilters.elevation([low_point, ...])

Generate scalar values on a dataset.


Push each individual cell away from the center of the dataset.


Extract all the internal/external edges of the dataset as PolyData.

DataSetFilters.extract_cells(ind[, invert, ...])

Return a subset of the grid.


Extract cells of a specified type.


Extract edges from the surface of the mesh.

DataSetFilters.extract_geometry([extent, ...])

Extract the outer surface of a volume or structured grid dataset.

DataSetFilters.extract_largest([inplace, ...])

Extract largest connected set in mesh.

DataSetFilters.extract_points(ind[, ...])

Return a subset of the grid (with cells) that contains any of the given point indices.


Extract surface mesh of the grid.

DataSetFilters.extract_values([values, ...])

Return a subset of the mesh based on the value(s) of point or cell data.

DataSetFilters.glyph([orient, scale, ...])

Copy a geometric representation (called a glyph) to the input dataset.


Integrate point and cell data.

DataSetFilters.interpolate(target[, ...])

Interpolate values onto this mesh from a given dataset.

DataSetFilters.merge([grid, merge_points, ...])

Join one or many other grids to this grid.

DataSetFilters.outline([generate_faces, ...])

Produce an outline of the full extent for the input dataset.

DataSetFilters.outline_corners([factor, ...])

Produce an outline of the corners for the input dataset.

DataSetFilters.pack_labels([sort, scalars, ...])

Renumber labeled data such that labels are contiguous.

DataSetFilters.partition(n_partitions[, ...])

Break down input dataset into a requested number of partitions.

DataSetFilters.plot_over_circular_arc(...[, ...])

Sample a dataset along a circular arc and plot it.


Sample a dataset along a resolution circular arc defined by a normal and polar vector and plot it.

DataSetFilters.plot_over_line(pointa, pointb)

Sample a dataset along a high resolution line and plot.


Transform point data into cell data.

DataSetFilters.ptc([pass_point_data, ...])

Transform point data into cell data.

DataSetFilters.reflect(normal[, point, ...])

Reflect a dataset across a plane.

DataSetFilters.sample(target[, tolerance, ...])

Resample array data from a passed mesh onto this mesh.


Sample a dataset over a circular arc.


Sample a dataset over a circular arc defined by a normal and polar vector and plot it.

DataSetFilters.sample_over_line(pointa, pointb)

Sample a dataset onto a line.


Sample a dataset onto a multiple lines.


Mark points as to whether they are inside a closed surface.


Return a copy of the dataset with separated cells with no shared points.

DataSetFilters.shrink([shrink_factor, ...])

Shrink the individual faces of a mesh.

DataSetFilters.slice([normal, origin, ...])

Slice a dataset by a plane at the specified origin and normal vector orientation.

DataSetFilters.slice_along_axis([n, axis, ...])

Create many slices of the input dataset along a specified axis.

DataSetFilters.slice_along_line(line[, ...])

Slice a dataset using a polyline/spline as the path.


Slice a dataset by a VTK implicit function.

DataSetFilters.slice_orthogonal([x, y, z, ...])

Create three orthogonal slices through the dataset on the three cartesian planes.

DataSetFilters.sort_labels([scalars, ...])

Sort labeled data by number of points or cells.

DataSetFilters.split_bodies([label, ...])

Find, label, and split connected bodies/volumes.

DataSetFilters.split_values([values, ...])

Split mesh into separate sub-meshes using point or cell data.

DataSetFilters.streamlines([vectors, ...])

Integrate a vector field to generate streamlines.


Generate evenly spaced streamlines on a 2D dataset.


Generate streamlines of vectors from the points of a source mesh.


Return the surface indices of a grid.

DataSetFilters.tessellate([max_n_subdivide, ...])

Tessellate a mesh.


Texture map this dataset to a user defined plane.


Texture map this dataset to a user defined sphere.

DataSetFilters.threshold([value, scalars, ...])

Apply a vtkThreshold filter to the input dataset.

DataSetFilters.threshold_percent([percent, ...])

Threshold the dataset by a percentage of its range on the active scalars array.

DataSetFilters.transform(trans[, ...])

Transform this mesh with a 4x4 transform.

DataSetFilters.triangulate([inplace, ...])

Return an all triangle mesh.

DataSetFilters.warp_by_scalar([scalars, ...])

Warp the dataset's points by a point data scalars array's values.

DataSetFilters.warp_by_vector([vectors, ...])

Warp the dataset's points by a point data vectors array's values.